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Cereal Development Proposal

Project Summary:

No child should get up in mornings that would make their day gloomy. Morning activities would be memorable with the Kalog’s way.  Mommies and daddies will enjoy the morning with their little tikes pouring some Kalog’s Choco-Corn Flakes Musical.  The delicious flavor, the nutritious value and the crunchy sound that everyone will enjoy in every bite would ensure a musical celebration.

• Target Audience: Parents and kids of ages 5 years up.

• Key Messages: Kalog’s choco-corn flakes have a delicious flavor with nutritional value.
• Key Benefits:  Audience will acquire the essential vitamins and minerals. They will have a chocolaty cereal. The product is also affordable, thus, the audience can acquire the nutrition they get for a cheaper price compared to other cereals (Haines, 2011).
Background/ Competitive Positioning:  Kalog’s is top five of the Cereal brands in the country just next to Nestle. The Kalog’s Choco-Corn Cereal is in its developing product stage is competing with various seasoned products. The company was able to acquire 15% increase profit from the product last year compared to revenue acquisition in 2012 (Aramouni& Deschenes, 2014). However, new entrants of cereals from East Asia is entering the local market and dividing the consumer buying power for the local brands. It is an obstacle for Kalog’s Choco-Corn Cereal to compete with new entrants. Thus, the company decided to cut 5% off the regular price. In this manner, Kalog’s would be cheaper than the local brands while being fairly competitive with the new imports.
Communication Strategy: The logo of Kalog’s is a smiling turtle that say’s the phrase, “Kalog’s Smiles 4 you!” The number four represents the four essential contents of the product like Vitamins, Minerals, Carbohydrates and Chocolaty goodness. The new product  is already advertised in social websites like Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. The catchy phrase allows

loyal customers and future customers of the grand launching of the product.

• Desired Message Tone: Kalog’s Tone has always been perceived creative and fun. There is a warm feeling of delight just listening to Kalog’s advertisements.

• Project Timeline: There are three milestones to be looked forward by the company. The product’s target launching would be in the month of Spring, preferably March or April. There would be a grand launching to be done simultaneously within the key cities.  During the summer, the product will have an online contest craze in order to acquire the interest of the children and their parents. Research and Development has proposed a partnership with summer camps. Kalog’s will provide breakfast meals within alternate days as to allow the kids to really familiarize themselves with the delicious taste of the cereals. Back 2 School Product Party will be launched on key cities in the country and 12 cities overseas that have the highest sales of Kalog’s Choco-corn flakes.
• Anticipated budget:   $ 50, 000.00
• Other: Product launching overseas will be managed by the company head teams. Each country will have their proposed budgets.

Prepared by:  (name)
• Accepted by:  (teacher’s name)
• Title:  Kalog’s Choco-Corn Cereal Musical
• Date:



Aramouni, F. & Deschenes, K. (2014). Methods for    Developing New Food Products: An

Instructional Guide. Lancaster, Pennsylvannia: DEStech Publications, Inc.

Haines, S. (2011). Managing Product Management: Empowering Your Organization to

Produce Competitive Products and Brands. New York, NY: McGraw Hill Inc.

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