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Personal leaderships qualities and capability





Personal Leadership Qualities and Capability

Effective leadership is needed in order to achieve the goals of the group or any organization considering that there would always be a competitive environment. Certain circumstances would affect the environment that would push everyone to do their work. However, without proper leadership these efforts would be wasted. Therefore, the group needs a leader who can inspire, motivate and direct it.

My personal leadership qualities are my capability to have an effective plan, my manner of managing a team and how I handle crisis situations. As a good planner, I have to set a clear vision for my team. At times, I prefer to brainstorm ideas with my teammates in order to effectively understand their own insights about the project. I allocate these ideas and try to understand the progress of the work. After having the final decision from the solicited ideas, I gather my team once again and explain the plan result. I clearly make them understand their various roles and responsibilities. There is truly a need to have a structured approach so that we would know our corresponding duties in order to have our work done on the target date. It is good that we as a team are able to achieve our objectives. I believe that in order to inspire and motivate team members, a person is able to relate well. I do this by being a good role model. I have to inspire my teammates with my passion to lead and to also understand their concerns. I perform my task very well so that they would follow. And rather than imposing my own ideas, I encourage my teammates to also openly contribute their ideas. I do believe that a team produces better results when everyone feels belonged to a group. Owning the project would make them feel much better and comfortable to really give their best. For me, open communication makes a leader more empathic.  Thus, I have good family engagement skills. And lastly, one of my strengths is my capability to handle crisis management. Sense of urgency is to make my team remain focused on the project even if there are some problems that may arise in the process, such as lacking raw materials or even the change of deadline. Nonetheless, I need to improve more on how to handle difficult people. There are situations wherein team members tend not to cooperate even is the leader or other teammates try to reach out.

After 5 years, I would be already a leader or a supervisor of my own team. I would be applying everything I learned from the Leadership Academy. I see myself handling a diverse group of people who are all ready to do their best in our project.  I want to advance to a supervisory role within the child welfare system that I am currently working in. I see myself as responsible of new recruits. I want to have my own team and help my team members to truly be as effective and efficient as they are in their assigned tasks.

I hope to gain proper education from participating in the Leadership Academy. Though I believe, people have their own intelligence and others who have not finished high school are street smart, I still believe in the value of proper education. It is true that experience is the best teacher as it would allow me to apply everything I learned. However, I could not apply anything if I have not gained the necessary knowledge. I am confident that I would learn a lot of things in the Leadership Academy. I would be able to improve my already existing strengths while also learning more about the things I need to have improvements. I am aware that time would always change the pattern of the society’s lifestyle, especially on family care. I believe that growing in the Leadership Academy would help me grow as a leader as what I have imagined for


I should be selected because I feel compelled to be part of the Leadership Academy. I believe that my strengths could also contribute something to the Leadership Academy while I grow in both cognitive and emotional intelligences. If I am given the opportunity to be part of the Leadership Academy, I see myself doing good and great things for myself, my family and most especially for my community in my chosen career.

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