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4 Best Job Resources for Graduate Students and Recent Graduates

October 23, 2015 - Posted to Dissertation and its parts

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4 Best Job Resources for Graduate Students and Recent Graduates

If you are a graduate student or recent graduate, chances are you are concerned about getting a job. If you are in school, you want to find a job that is flexible enough to work with your school schedule, but that also relates to your major. If you have finished graduate school, then you predictably want to find a job in your field. Unfortunately, finding jobs for graduate students can be fairly challenging, and the same thing can be said about finding jobs for recent graduates. The good news is that students looking for jobs can rely on a few resources as they look for a job that meets their needs.

  1. College Career Center

If you are interested in finding a job, the first place you should visit is your college career center. Not only will you be able to browse available jobs related to your major, you will also be able to speak with a career counselor about your goals, get help with  your resume, and explore internship opportunities. The career center is also a great resource for finding on campus jobs. If you are looking for an opportunity to do any assistant teaching, or to work in another capacity on-campus, this is a good place to start. If you are interested in a career in academics, it certainly won't hurt if your entry level job is at a college or university.

  1. Experience.com

Experience is a job website dedicated exclusively to meeting the needs of students and recent graduates. It has listings of entry level jobs, internship opportunities, and tons of great advice for students seeking their first jobs. One excellent feature is that students can search for jobs by major. This means that a student can search for jobs for MBA graduates rather than having to scroll through alphabetical listings or by entering keywords which may or may not get good results. Experience also lists job and internship openings by geographic location, Industry, and Company.

  1. LinkedIn

It is never too early for a student to create a profile on LinkedIn and to make connections with people who are in a position to help them find jobs. If you have not created your profile, please do so. You will then be able to make connections with your instructors, department heads, people who are influencers in your chosen line of work, former employers, and fellow students. These relationships that you form on LinkedIn can often lead to job opportunities before they are advertised to the general public.

  1. USA Jobs for Students and Graduates

This is a great resource for students who are interested in pursuing careers with the federal government.  Like other job websites it provides listings for students to browse through. However, in addition to this, students are provided with advice on the steps they must take to apply for a job with the federal government, and which careers might be appropriate for their major.

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