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Harold Webb

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Harold Webb insists that he was born, not with a birth certificate, but with a passport. His birth, however, did take place 24 years ago in Hamilton, New Zealand, where his first “travel” adventures involved exploring the caves and caverns in nearby Waitomo and traveling with his parents throughout New Zealand and Australia.

At age 16, Harold moved with his parents to the United States, because of his father’s career, finished high school in a suburb of Chicago, and then attended college at Northwestern University, where he ultimately got his MS degree in computer science. He uses that degree today as a freelance programmer for a variety of corporations globally. During his college years, Harold satisfied his wanderlust with a year abroad in Germany and vacation adventures to Canada, and Central and South America.

Today, Harold continues his travels, some of them related to work, but many simply to continue his goal of seeing every country in the world. As he travels and continues his programming work remotely, he also frequently contributes to tech and travel blogs, for which he has become quite an authority. Some of his most popular webinars include employee training on networking and network security, and he serves as a frequent “troubleshooter,” as company personnel adapt to major system changes.

Harold’s favorite book is Lord of the Rings, because, as he states, “The entire trilogy is about journeys. So it can be read at face value, as a wonderful fantasy, or it can be read at a much deeper level. To me, life is a large journey made up of many small journeys that can be intended or not, just as they were for Frodo. Each smaller journey creates the conditions that result in the next one. When I look back on my own life, I want to able to say that I never turned down a journey, no matter how small or insignificant it may have seemed at the time.”

My Articles

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Many of you may not have heard the term “student resumes.” For those of you who have not, these are resumes that students construct when they are seeking their first career position upon graduation. They are called student resumes, because, in most instances, the only experience and/or background a student may have is just, well, being a student.
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If you look at the top five business school rankings, you will notice that the list is dominated by Ivy league schools. Unfortunately for most students the cost of an MBA from one of these elite schools is simply too much. There's also the fact that most students simply will not meet the admissions requirements for any of these schools.
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If you are a graduate student or recent graduate, chances are you are concerned about getting a job. If you are in school, you want to find a job that is flexible enough to work with your school schedule, but that also relates to your major. If you have finished graduate school, then you predictably want to find a job in your field.
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Given the cost of graduate school, students are thinking long and hard about their options. They seem to be in a “Catch 22” in this economy. If they terminate their educations after the Bachelor’s degree, the job market is not that great, especially in certain fields. On the other hand, if they choose to go on to graduate school in order to make themselves more “employable,” then they face even greater debt that may eat up the additional income they may able to earn for years to come.
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If you are considering pursuing your graduate degree, we feel safe in guessing that a lot of your focus is on selecting a program that you are passionate about. We think this is great. We love to work with graduate students who are passionate and fired-up about the research and work that they are doing now, and who are excited about their future careers. We would never advise a student to pursue a path that they would find dissatisfying or boring.
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