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Business Topics for your Dissertation

June 10, 2015 - Posted to Dissertation and its parts

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A Ph.D. in business is earned through 3 years of pretty grueling coursework and, of course, that dissertation. As you look toward that dissertation, you should begin early in the exploration of topics, because even with the specialization that doctoral students select for their coursework, there are almost limitless possible business dissertation topics. You will need to explore all avenues open to you for possible topics, including:

  1. Your coursework. Texts, lectures, outside reading and research that you do for projects and papers will all present topics that may generate some interest.
  2. Locating abstracts for dissertations already published and reading through them may give you great ideas for areas in which research is yet incomplete in specific area that intrigue you.
  3. Discussions with your professors and teaching assistants, as well as your advisors may yield some solid directions for topic identification.

That said, there are several areas of business graduate work, and you will have coursework in them all, no matter what you eventually determine your area of specialty will be. So, here is a short list of some potential topics in a variety of areas of graduate business studies, some of which might pique your interest.


The MBA Dissertation

The field of business management is so wide open, it virtually encompasses all of the other areas of business study. Nevertheless, there are some topics that lend themselves specifically to management research.

  1. All areas of strategic management, including long range business plans and strategic risk-taking
  2. Factors affecting a company’s position in American industry. Here you might consider a case study
  3. Corporate social responsibility
  4. Business Ethics
  5. Marketing a product globally with an eye to cultural awareness and governmental policies and regulations – again, a case study would be entirely appropriate


Human Resources

This area obviously relates to managing the personnel function of an organization from policies through relations. Great current topic areas include the following

  1. Organizational climate effects on job satisfaction
  2. Performance reviews
  3. Recruitment and employment innovations and strategies
  4. Local, state and federal regulations impacting the workplace


Consumer Relations

Consumers are both businesses and individuals, and this field is diverse and increasingly complex. Maintaining solid relationships with customers involves effective strategizing and a constant eye on the competition. Possible topic areas include:

  1. Consumer and management behaviors related to reviews that customers provide, often online and quite public
  2. Managing the customer base so as to make its experience pleasant, engaging, and as streamlined as possible
  3. Fostering customer relationships, especially in e-commerce
  4. Roles of web-based marketing and social media in brand recognition and loyalty



The role of technology in all areas of business management and administration continues to explode, and those who pursue doctorate degrees in this area will be able to “write their own tickets” in the job market. Often, candidates hold Bachelor’s degrees in computer science and then specialize in business technology as they get into graduate school. Areas for potential dissertations include:

  1. Network administration
  2. Design of a secure network for small and medium businesses
  3. Innovative IT solutions for logistics, budget and finance, etc.
  4. Case studies on virtual domains, such as eBay, Amazon, Facebook, etc.



Here is a wide open field for research. As companies continue to develop mutually-beneficial ventures and partnerships with counterparts in foreign countries, and as multi-national corporations continue to move into new countries and regions, there are a host of issues, innovations, strategies, and management challenges. Some great topic areas are probably the following:

  1. Performance of global business teams within multi-cultural corporations
  2. Effective relationships with foreign governments
  3. Maintaining cultural awareness when operating in another country – case studies or strategies that research shows promising or effective
  4. Successful joint ventures among corporations from different countries – case studies


Small and Medium Business Management and Administration

Anyone who is looking to become an entrepreneur will most certainly specialize in this area, and, again the potential topics are wide and varied. Given that small and medium-sized businesses will be the “wave” of the future, as opposed to huge corporations, this is an exciting field and the research is still relatively sparse. Consider the following topic areas:

  1. Local area networks for small and medium businesses
  2. Technology for small-to-mid-size companies
  3. E-commerce – Quite a number of topics possibilities from structuring an e-commerce business to content and product/service marketing


Getting a Ph.D. in business is a wise move for students who have this interest. Having that doctorate and having completed research in a specific specialty field makes the graduate a “hot commodity” in the business world. 

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