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Common Mistakes in Thesis Writing

August 31, 2015 - Posted to How to: Writing Dissertation

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Common Mistakes in Thesis Writing –

A thesis is, above all, a research project. It is not a research paper. You are now going to become a researcher yourself, not merely report the research of others. And, of course, your degree is riding on this scholarly piece, so you will want to avoid some of the pitfalls that are most common.

  1. Failure to include all necessary elements in your proposal. Writing a thesis begins with establishing your research question, and once that is approved by your advisor, you have the proposal to write. It must include certain sections, and if you exclude any of them or do not cover them sufficiently, you will be re-writing this, perhaps a few times. Your department has guidelines for a reason – follow them!
  2. Insufficient research/too much research: You need to include all research that relates directly to your question/hypothesis. Remember, that literature review that you put together is part of your justification that your question is appropriate and will really build on what others have done before you. On the other hand do not go “overboard.” Many students waste time and energy including research that only indirectly relates to their question, and they end up with too much. There is not set number of pieces of research to include, but you have to find that “sweet spot” for yours.
  3. Errors in the design of your study. You only want to conduct your original study one time, so get it right. If you are designing your own instruments, be certain they are going to give you only the data you need, but, at the same time, all of the data you need. Leaving out something critical will mean that you may have to go back with re-designed instruments and start again. Get other experts to check those instruments against your research question. Some student use a thesis writing service at which they can get a Ph.D. in their fields to review the question, design and instruments.
  4. Bad planning/scheduling. You have to establish a timeline, and you have to stick to it as much as possible. A thesis paper is not something you can put together in a few weeks. It is something that requires a steady effort over months of time. If you don’t set a schedule for completion of each of your sections or chapters, you will be prone to procrastination, and you may find yourself not able to complete it by the final deadline. Don’t risk this.
  5. Sloppy formatting. You have a guide for formatting – follow it carefully. If formatting is sloppy, it will not be approved, and you will be re-formatting at the last minute, in order to meet your completion deadline. Do it right the first time and have someone double-check it before submission.

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