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Obtaining Tutoring Services for Free

August 06, 2015 - Posted to How to: Writing Dissertation

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Nearly every college student needs some extra academic help

At least once during their years in school they do. Sometimes, students are able to get the assistance that they need from an instructor or a teaching assistant. However, if this is not enough help students must rely on tutoring services to make sure that they understand the material and that they keep up with their assignments. Unfortunately, this can be very expensive. Some tutors charge more than $20 per hour for their services. This is quite an investment for a college student who may only work part-time or who doesn’t have a job at all. Fortunately there are a few options that can allow some students to receive academic help for free.

University Tutoring Centers offer Free Academic Help to all Students

Every college has a learning center where students can go for free academic help. Sometimes these are called student help centers, learning labs, or writing centers. In most cases, graduate students and upper classmen volunteer their time to help students with assignments. These services are provided at no cost to students. Students who are struggling with a specific assignment can really benefit from this help. Unfortunately, this help is only available during campus hours and there is not always a guarantee that a tutor is going to be available for every subject area.

Free Tutoring is available through Online Services like Open Study

Free peer-based tutoring services and online study groups are available through many websites and downloadable apps. Students who use these services can obtain help on a variety of subjects from other students. They can also get additional academic help when they join one of the many online study groups that are available to them. This is a great option for students who don’t have on-campus options for study groups or have difficulty finding help with a specific subject area.

Free Self-Paced Online Learning can be used to Assist Students with Mastering Concepts

This is not tutoring the traditional sense of the word. However, students can use this option to help them understand concepts that they have difficulty grasping. Khan Academy is probably the best known option, but there are many others. Students who perform a quick internet search can find many colleges and universities who offer online self-paced classes on subjects ranging from web design to the history of Egyptian art.

Recognizing when it is Necessary to Invest in Professional Help

There is absolutely nothing wrong with look for free options when it comes to finding academic help. In fact, a student would be foolish not to explore these options first. In most cases, the free tutoring services highlighted in this post are all a student needs to keep their academic career on the right track. Students just need to keep in mind that there may be instances where paying for professional academic help is simply what they must do. One of the cases where this is true is for students who need dissertation or thesis help. In order to be certain that they are getting the best advice and assistance in these cases, students must use academic professionals like the ones who are employed by trusteddissertation.com.

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