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How to Write a Thesis Paper – Here’s your “Cliff Notes” for That!

September 22, 2015 - Posted to Dissertation topics and examples

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How to Write a Thesis Paper

You are close to graduation, and your institution requires a thesis paper – oh great! Now, with all of your other demanding coursework, here’s one more requirement to add to the list. Don’t panic. You already have some of the skills you need even if you are asking yourself, “What is a thesis paper?” Follow this step-by-step process and you will be able to get this done.

Begin with a Topic You can Manage

There will be requirements from your department so read through them carefully. You will need to select a topic that will have depth and breadth to meet the length and other requirements that have been set. Once you have a broad general topic area, talk it over with a favorite professor and get his/her input. Chances are you will get your topic refined for you. They really do like to help!

Scholarly Research – Don’t Cut Corners Here

You are about to be a college graduate. There is a widespread expectation that you know how to conduct research in a scholarly way. Don’t disappoint. You will only use primary sources for this project – no secondary sources allowed! So, you will need to dig through original research that is found in dissertation work and that is reported in scholarly journals in your academic field. Dig deep.

Organizing Your Research for Writing

Here is where you will find that writing a thesis paper is not all that different from a research paper, and you certainly have done plenty of those since you first stepped into the hallowed halls of your college. So, follow the steps that you know must be completed, in order to produce a work that will be acceptable.

  1. Synthesize those notes and develop your thesis statement. Ask yourself questions about the topic in order to get that thesis statement. Why is this topic important? What benefit is there to me and to the reader of knowing more about this topic? How does this research help me and the reader develop an important opinion or call us to action? Answering these questions will give you your thesis statement.
  2. Craft your outline or other graphic organizer that you know works for you. Just make sure you have very clear sub-topics.
  3. Write the body of your thesis paper first. This is one of the best tips for writing a thesis paper. Do not worry about the introduction at this point.
  4. Each section of the body should address one of the sub-topics in your outline. Work through each of these, carefully mindful of the logical flow you need.
  5. You are ready to prepare you introduction once the body is finished. This should be a compelling part of the thesis – something that “hooks” your reader immediately and that fosters an interest in reading on. Most thesis papers begin with some shocking statistics or data. This gets attention quickly. The remainder of your introduction should contain your thesis statement and a brief statement of what your paper will include.
  6. You know the drill: You have to edit and revise that finished paper until it is submission-worthy. If necessary, get someone else to do this. You cannot afford for this culminating project to be less than stellar.

You see? You do know how to write a thesis paper. The “devil” is in the details as it always is with research works. If you need help an time is getting away from you, get in touch with a professional writing service like TrustedDissertations.com for all of the assistance you need. We are confidential.

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