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Locating Good Sample Thesis Statements

April 21, 2015 - Posted to Dissertation topics and examples

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Students look for sample thesis statements as they are preparing to write essays, research papers, and graduate projects, such as theses and dissertation. Usually, these students have a topic in mind, but have not yet generated a thesis statement that will guide their research and writing. Certainly, they can look for sample thesis statements in many places, but, in the end, they must create their own, based upon their individual beliefs about a topic and their plan to support those beliefs by their research.

Where to Look

Look in the Research You Do

A high school or undergraduate student may have decided to do a biology research paper on the topic of eugenics – the scientific breakthroughs that are now able to manipulate genes to produce offspring with specific physical and intellectual traits. Eugenics is the topic but it is not a thesis. In order to develop a thesis, research must be conducted. One student may decide that eugenics is wonderful because it can prevent birth defects that impact families for lifetimes. Another student may decide that it is horrible, because the wealthy and powerful may select the traits of their children and pass on to those children a status that common people cannot attain.

Look at Samples of the Work of Others

Grad students who are preparing to write their theses may need to look at thesis samples, not just to get ideas for their own, but, as well, to study how a solid thesis statement (hypothesis) for a Master’s or doctoral thesis should be structured. They know that they cannot begin even the preliminary work on a thesis until they have that hypothesis, and a sample thesis paper is an appropriate place to start. A student of business, for example, may have decided that a topic of great interest is the 21st century concept of social responsibility on the part of companies. S/he may not yet have a hypothesis yet. Reading through a thesis sample that addresses any aspect of this topic will do two things:

  1. It will provide a pool of resource material on the topic so that the student is able to conduct some initial research, in order to glean some ideas for a hypothesis
  2. The thesis itself may generate a great hypothesis idea, such as, “there is a direct relationship between a company assuming social responsibility in its community and the generation of customer trust and loyalty.”

The Thesis (Hypothesis) Allows the Student to Prepare the Thesis Proposal

Now that the hypothesis has been determined, the thesis proposal must be crafted. There are any number of guides for writing the proposal, and these should be consulted of course. They will provide the specific “ingredients” for a thesis proposal, and it is important to know exactly what must be included. In formulating that document, however, it is also advisable to study sample thesis proposal pieces that have been written by others in the same general topic content field, for language, syntax and terminology may be important. Further, carefully studying a thesis proposal sample will provide invaluable information on structure and format.

If you are in the midst of creating your thesis proposal and have concerns about quality or correctness, you can always submit it to a qualified writer at TrustedDissertations.com for a full review and suggestions that will provide the polish you need to impress your advisor/committee.


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