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Thesis Statement Examples for essays, papers, and graduate level projects

April 16, 2015 - Posted to Dissertation and its parts

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A thesis statement is actually an answer to a question about an essay or research topic. As such, it may involve a hypothesis, or something you believe to be true about a topic, a comment about the significance of a topic, an opinion about a topic, or an analysis or interpretation of a topic. Thus, “trickle-down” economics may be a topic; the statement, “Trickle-down economics does need seem to be a valid theory in today’s America,” is a thesis statement.

Below you will find some thesis statement examples that will give you a clearer picture of how to write one. These examples of thesis statements have been categorized according to general topic areas, with the hope that you may find or two that interest you or that will serve as springboards for you to create your own. Once you have a good thesis statement, be sure that it is introduced early in your essay, paper, thesis or dissertation. Your reader needs to know immediately what question you are answering about the topic. A good general rule is that it should come at the end of your introductory paragraph of an essay or paper, and early on in your introduction section of a thesis or chapter of your dissertation.  Here are some sound thesis statements that will show your reader exactly what you intend to prove in your piece.

Thesis Statements for Courses that Address Current Events

Here are a variety of thesis statements that are related to events that are currently impacting citizens of the world.  If one of these corresponds with a writing assignment you may have or one that you might choose in the future, you can re-word the example thesis statement and use it.

  • Even though human rights violations are horrible, the United States should not interfere in the internal affairs of other nations. (Topic = Global human rights issues)
  • Because the United States was built by immigrants, new arrivals to this country should be given a path to citizenship no matter how they came here. ( Topic = Immigration Debate)
  • In order to protect national security, government agencies should be allowed to capture and store every citizen's internet history. (Freedom of Privacy)
  • Public school vouchers can be used to force under performing schools to fire incompetent teachers, expel disruptive students, or be closed down.(Topic = school voucher system)
  • Freedom of association or religious beliefs give business owners the right to refuse service on any basis. (Topic = New state religious belief legislation)
  • Concealed carry laws result in a safer and more polite society.(Topic – conceal-carry laws)
  • The construction of for-profit prisons, undermines the intentions of the correctional system in the U.S. and fosters corruption. (Topic = for-profit prisons)

Thesis Statements for Science and Technology Classes

Here are a few thesis statements that are intended for use in science, technology, engineering, and math courses. Again, if there is an example of thesis statement that interests you, you may re-word it and use it for a current or future topic assignment.

  • The benefits that space travel has brought to the fields of science and medicine are well worth the cost and risk. (Space program)
  • Because it is accepted by nearly 100 percent of the scientific community, climate change should be taught as fact in science classrooms. (Climate Change)
  • The great scientific developments over the next twenty years will largely use sensor based technology. (Future Technological Advances)
  • Because it is used in every scientific and technological discipline, there is no more important field of study than mathematics. (Critical Curricula)
  • Scientists in all nations should be permitted to collaborate with each other, even if they are citizens of warring countries. (Collaboration with the Scientific Community)
  • GMO technology has the potential to solve issues such as world hunger, and is unfairly vilified in the media. (GMO’s in Food)

Examples of a Thesis Statement for English and Social Studies Classes

Here are a few thesis statements for use in classes relating to Social Studies and English.

  • Young adult literature is just as valid as any other form of literature and will be remembered in history as such. (Young Adult Literature)
  • The Civil War was about the rights of the states and not about slavery. (Civil War)
  • Books like “The Catcher in the Rye” and “Huckleberry Finn” should be restricted from public school libraries due to their coarse language. (Censorship of Reading Materials)
  • United States policy in the Middle East over the past decade has clearly been a failure and should be completely overhauled. (International Relations)

It should be quite clear now how a thesis statement differs from the topic. If you find even one thesis statement example in this list that has helped you to understand how a solid thesis is developed, then you are ready to meet the challenge of any writing topic you may be assigned.

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