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Content dissertation
As you look toward that dissertation, you should begin early in the exploration of topics, because even with the specialization that doctoral students select for their coursework, there are almost limitless possible business dissertation topics. Explore some possible topic.
Content 1
We all have glanced at the interior pages of a book and seen the acknowledgements. Usually, the author thanks people who have helped him/her with research, who have acted as consultants, who have reviewed and proofread the work, a family member(s) who may have acted as “cheerleaders” along the way, etc.
Content 6
“I believe unicorns are real.” This is a thesis statement. While the child who utters this statement would be hard pressed to prove this thesis, it does, nonetheless, fall into the criteria of a dictionary definition of a “thesis.”
Content 12
A thesis statement is actually an answer to a question about an essay or research topic. As such, it may involve a hypothesis, or something you believe to be true about a topic, a comment about the significance of a topic, an opinion about a topic, or an analysis or interpretation of a topic.
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